The purpose of Agent Orange’s story is to raise awareness of all victims of war. It is not intended to protest or support the war in any way. It is simply recognizing that there is war and, thus, victims of all kinds in all places. For personal reasons, victims of Agent Orange become a main focus, but all victims, on and off the front lines, are equally deserving of attention and support. If you did not know, Agent Orange was a toxic herbicide used by the U.S. in the early years of the Vietnam war. The goal was to clear out the heavy jungles of Vietnam to aid in visibility for U.S. troops. It led to a number of side effects inflicted on a number of people, Vietnamese and American alike, and it’s effects are still seen today.

I am currently working on a new approach to this project in the form of a graphic novel. I am very excited to take on this venture, and it is a major goal of mine to be able to produce such work. I am excited to be able to raise awareness of different causes in the process. Stay tuned.

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